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We are simply a group of people who have put their faith in Jesus Christ our Lord for salvation. This salvation was required because, in common with everybody else, we are sinners in the sight of God (Rom 3:23) and can do nothing of ourselves to merit God’s favour. However Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of the Eternal God, became a man and gave His life on the cross of Calvary to pay the penalty for our sin. It is through repentance for our sin and by faith in Jesus Christ that we have salvation and fellowship again with God.
We do not belong to any ‘organisation’ or ‘denomination’. We believe that each church, or assembly, is a fully independent body. There are ‘sister’ churches in the area, throughout the country and worldwide but each is fully independent, shepherded by a group of elders who are responsible only to God for this activity.




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Opening Hours

Monday 9.00AM-10.00PM
Tuesday 9.00AM-10.00PM
Wednesday 9.00AM-10.00PM
Thursday 9.00AM-10.00PM
Friday 9.00AM-10.00PM
Saturday 9.00AM-10.00PM
Sunday 9.00AM-10.00PM

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  EVK Sampath Rd, Vepery, Periyamet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600007, India

   044 2656 2991


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